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From basic cleaning to advanced protection and multiple ceramic coatings . We have you covered.

New car prep 

 When bringing home a new car, Naturally, you want the best for it.

With our New car prep package you will have the best protection available from the beginning. Starting with the interior, your leather and fabric receive a protective coating that resist staining by making the surface almost impossible for anything to stick to. Making cleaning up anything that does get spilled much easier to clean.

  Next, all of your exterior will be coated with a ceramic coating that resist minor scratching, bird bombs & water spots.  All exterior glass is coated to keep water shedding from the surface increasing your visibility during rainy conditions.  Wheels and brake calipers are coated for maximum protection.  All while not needing to be waxed for up to 7 years depending on the ceramic coating you choose.  while providing extreme gloss & a brilliant shine. Provided the dealer did not install any scratches, no paint correction should be needed.

This package starts          @ $999.00

Engine cleaning

If your engine is not looking so great anymore. We can make that look better, no problem. 

This normally takes 30 minutes to an hour.

Tire coating

Keep your tires looking amazing with EZ Armor tire coating. This rubberized coating will also make upkeep much easier.

Xpel headlight film

Ultimate protection for your headlights.

Protect against rocks chips & flying debris

Upholstery cleaning 

Spills happen, While I can not guarantee every stain will come out 100%, I do have some great results on most cases. The sooner I am able to get to it, the better the outcome. 

This normally takes about two hours 


Two headlights and two fog lights $160

Times will vary depending on the condition

Headlight Restoration 

I properly sand the lens to smooth the abraded surface and polish the lens till its clear again. Then I apply a lens coating to provide protection for up to two years

Typically this cost between $75-$100

Paint correction 

When it comes to paint correction services, some paint is harder & some paint is softer. Depending on the paints hardness level and the color, some paint defects are easier to correct. In most cases a single step paint correction will bring the paint to an estimated 75% defect free appearance. Darker colors may need a 2nd and 3rd step to get the paint back to a beautiful glossiness.

Paint correction $100.00 per hour. An average car can take 6 to 8 hours. Not all cases are this bad. I have to personally inspect the vehicle for an estimate.

This video shows an All In One paint correction which is a one step polish and sealant. 

Leather Repair

Leather repair services vary depending on the severity and location of the damage.

Leather Dye

Leather dying services vary depending on the severity and location of the damage.

Touch up painting

Rock chips got you down?

We also provide touch up paint that is custom color matched by Dr.Color chip

Windshield and glass

GlassParency is an extremely hydrophobic glass coating that makes your windows so slick, almost nothing will stick to them.  

Every GlassParency automotive application is backed by our three year product warranty. This warranty ensure that the product will perform at its peak level as long as the glass is properly maintained.

General cleaning

For all general cleaning pricing is $65 per hour.

This inlcudes vacuuming of interior, steam cleaning, glass and protectant. 

For exterior, general cleaning includes washing, claying paint as needed and spray sealant.

Please discuss your specific needs and wants with me at the time of your consultation to make sure I address your needs for your vehicle. 

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